My goal is to support and empower people to joyfully embrace their best, most authentic life.


photo: Jillian Cocklin/Epoxy Studios

My background and training is as a clinical therapist. I’ve worked in outpatient clinics, community service agencies and had my own private practice. I could tell you what I know about different therapeutic techniques and what the research says about treatment but there are a few fundamental things I have observed time and time again. Beyond research and school learning, what I know for sure is that making an honest, human connection with someone is the most beneficial thing you can do for them – and for you. To really see them and hold space for their suffering as well as their joy goes beyond anything you could learn and connects us to the universal truth that we are all one. Second to that is moving stuck energy in the body through things like movement, breathing, energy work, forgiveness, self-acceptance and love.

My offerings, like me, are always evolving as I learn and grow. You can count on monthly blog posts, opportunities for heart-centered connection, a lot of love, laughs and screw-ups along the way all in the name of embracing the path as it unfolds.

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